• G.E.M. Greater European Missions

    Jon & Amanda Mayhue (missionary appointees to Sweden)

    Our family returned to Northwest Arkansas in 2011 after a brief stay in Tampa, FL. Shortly after our move, we welcomed our 2nd son. It would be here in NWA that The Lord would introduce us to our church family. Doing life with this body of believers would inspire our hearts to service in all facets of Christian ministry. Jon began seminary at SBTS in August 2014 pursuing an MDIV in Christian ministry. After extensive study of The Great Commission, we knew that Jesus' call to go was literal for our family. Where? Jon and I would make some attempts toward short term mission to no avail and then The Lord would speak clarity into the call on our lives via a PBS travel show. Sweden before us, Arkansas behind us, no turning back.

    Geographically speaking, Sweden is a Scandinavian country north of Europe. Approximately half of the country lies above the arctic circle. Due to its geography, the people of Sweden live either by a never fully setting sun or a never fully rising sun. 

    Sweden is governed by a constitutional monarchy. Stockholm is the location of the Nobel Prize awards ceremonies. Sweden no longer has a state church and is not shy about being considered the least religious country in Europe and greater Europe. 

    Some fun facts! 

    Sweden is the home of IKEA. 

    Some popular summer festivities include a crawfish party and the sour herring premier.

    Many Swedes enjoy a daily "Fika," which is like a coffee date with a friend.



    In the Fall of 2009 at a revival in Courtland, Virginia, God placed a vision inside Joe Friszolowski's heart to launch a restoration program called Mercy Drops. 

    In October 2013, Mercy Drops vision started to become a reality with the Ella Bag program. In November 2013, Joe began partnering with Tidewater Bibleway Temple in their feeding the homeless ministry on Monday evenings. In March 2014, Joe began to partner with Western Branch Baptist Church's "Feeding the 5000" program on Wednesday evenings. At the end of March, the community group Joe was involved in with Community Church of Western Branch partnered with St. Marks and the Portsmouth Volunteers for the Homeless Winter Program where he met Veve Edwards. Veve Edwards has been an advocate for the homeless individuals in the City of Portsmouth for the past eight years. Mr. Edwards asked Joe to partner with him to help bring a summer/fall shelter to the City of Portsmouth. Realizing the monumental task at hand, Joe asked God to send a team to help accomplish this mission. God answered the prayer with an amazing team - Mike Bailey, Walter Black, Sue Carroll, Don Cuffey, Shelley Fones, Carol Montgomery, and Jeff Walton. After sharing our interests with the City Council of Portsmouth in April 2014 and with the Portsmouth Volunteers for the Homeless in May 2014, Joe began partnerships with Ms. Davis of Parkview United Methodist Church to house the homeless and with Pastor Connie Shoemaker of Port Norfolk Church to provide all the food for the shelter program.  

    As of June 2014, Joe became full time in birthing Mercy Drops. With the help of the Hampton Roads community, our mission to launch the summer/fall shelter began on July 11, 2014 and successfully ended November 2014. We are now currently renovating a transitional home and Dream Center to be opened by Summer 2015. We received the wonderful news on May 25, 2015 that we are now recognized as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization from our date of incorporation- January 21, 2015. 



    Love and Hope Ministries was started with a vision and burden given to Dr. & Rev. Jabez and and Mrs. Gloria Rapaka while attending Regent University Graduate School, Virginia Beach, VA, to help children, widows, the elderly and pastors in India and Haiti. By the leading of the Holy Spirit, the Rapakas incorporated Love and Hope Ministries in India and also in the United States on March 4, 2004.


    Love and Hope Ministries believes in meeting the spiritual needs of people through evangelism, church planting and discipleship. We also believe in meeting the physical, educational, emotional and social needs of the poor, needy, destitute, abandoned, neglected and the unwanted of society by providing food, clothing, shelter, medical care and education. 


  • ARC


    ARC maintains an annual funding base of 2 million dollars, with ARC churches giving over $8 million a year to missions. Today, over 680 churches strong, ARC has become not only a movement, but a collection of many “tribes” – all with a focus to see a life-giving church in every community in the world.


    The Billy Hornsby Center for Church Planting was dedicated in Birmingham, Alabama on March 25, 2015, honoring the legacy of Billy Hornsby and his love for pastors – especially church planters. The 8,000 square-foot facility is now ARC’s base for recruiting, interviewing and training potential church planters from all over the world. In the words of ARC Executive Director, Dino Rizzo, “The Billy Hornsby Center for Church Planting is not intended to be a monument. Instead, in honor of one of our friends who gave so much to us, it is to be a mission station to launch more churches and to bring glory to Jesus Christ.”

    ARC (Association of Related Churches) works with church planters and leaders to provide support, guidance and resources to launch and grow life-giving churches. To date the ARC has planted over 500 churches. Church at Hampton Roads is honored to be ARC Church plant #280 and is excited to continue to give back to this community! 

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  • C . A . S . T . 


    The Chesapeake Area Shelter Team is the community of faith providing overnight winter shelter for the homeless in the city of Chesapeake. CAST launched on January 2, 2013. Each scheduled week of CAST, there is one church location for homeless guests to receive shelter, meals, resources, and connection.

    CHR does not currently house any guests but we partner alongside of Coastlands Community Church and provide meals for their guests. When we as a church move out from Greenbrier Middle School as God allows we will make sure we open our building to this ministry as well.