40 Days



Starting in January, CHR will be standing together and fasting for 40 days.  Let's get ourselves poised and ready to receive focus and favor from God, led by His Spirit, as we step into this next chapter.  We will hold a corporate fast from January 1st through February 9th.

We fast for many reasons:

1)  To Strengthen Prayer

2) To Seek God's Guidance

3) To Express Grief Over Sin

4) To Seek Deliverance or Protection

5) To Express Repentance and Return to God

6) To Humble Oneselves Before God

7) To Express Concern for the Work of God

8) To Overcome Temptation and Dedicate Yourself to God

9) To Express Love and Worship to God

We would ask you to pray and seek God about how you should join with us during this time of refocusing and empowerment. 


Get ready!  God's power is drawn to humility! 

To receive your free copy of 7 Basic Steps To Fasting & Prayer click on the link provided.  You can also pick up your free fasting resource on Sunday mornings at the connect table in the lobby.

7 Basic Steps To Fasting & Prayer